OGOW Partners

OGOW Partners & Co. Collaborated with the Institute of Project Management

About the Institute of Project Management

The Institute of Project Management is an internationally accredited Registered Training Organisation both in Australia and the United States of America which connects project management education, training, consultancy, and post-graduate opportunities in a single, specialist enterprise.

 They offer a global network of Certified Project Trainers (CPTs) who enable innovation by guiding project managers and project team members to efficient and clear pathways to accredited lifetime project management certifications.

 As a specialist project management education provider, their principal programs are: Certified Project Officer (CPO) courses, Certified Project Professional (CPP) courses, Certified Project Master, Certified Project Director & an Advanced Recognition and Certification (ARC) programs, assessment services for the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)Certificate IV in Project Management Practice, the Diploma of Project Management and many others.

Thus, those who hold certifications from the Institute and their course(s) graduates are not just good at passing tests, they are job-ready project professionals armed with a proven suite of project management knowledge, skills, and assets.

About the OGOW Partners & Co.

 OGOW Partners & Co. is a strategic, business management and education consulting firm which has the legal status to operate most in East Africa countries, as the name suggests, OGOW is a Somali word translating into “know-how, or to know how [something works]” and the term is capitalized because of the importance of knowledge or learning on how either to do something perfectly or how things have been done!

Throughout our existence, we worked with highly reputable education provider organizations, including the University of Washington, Department of Global Health E-learning, based in Seattle Washington, & Northeastern State University seated in Oklahoma, both USA premier universities, the Bangkok School of Management based in Thailand and other clients both nationally and internationally and has been invited on high profile projects across different geographical locations.

 As a Professional Development Services provider, we help guide and mentor individuals who are looking for professional development to boost their career, individuals who are considering a career change, new graduates looking for a new job. We also work with organizations to put customized programs for their employees’ professional and leadership development.

A Memorandum of Understanding: Partnering in delivering specialized training in Project Management both in contact sessions and live virtual classes

Both parties agreed to set up training packages that are relevant to the local market needs, affordable, and most importantly a FREE online learning resource for all interested learners who cannot pay their training fees; so ensuring that no one lagging for financial reasons. These training will use both digital technology employing live virtual classes and a self-paced, individually based distance-learning mode using username and password generated by the Institute or face-to-face contact sessions organized and delivered by OGOW Partners through its Certified Project Trainers while both the curriculum of study and the learning material is supplied by the institute.

The Institute of Project Management is excited to announce our ground-breaking partnership in East Africa with OGOW Partners & Co. We look forward to building and extending the capacity of current and future project leaders in the region in a way that is sensitive to local conditions and experiences. Paul Muller, CPD, Founder and Managing Director.

 The institute also validates these training according to standards, take-part the assessment process of the learners and then will issue certifications to those who meet the requirements through the training partner, OGOW Partners and then send to the courier services for shipment of the original certificates to those who completed these courses and those who passed the assessment for other professional certifications administered. The institute furthermore will train the first cohort of the Certified Project Trainers belonging to training partners but only after their successful completion of the CPO training available online at no cost. OGOW Partners & Co. should also maintain and keep in alignment with the policies and procedures placed for these programs and certification processes.

 We feel proud to be accepted into the Institute of Project Management’s global partner who would help us connect to a wide range of project management practitioners worldwide and enabling us to deliver standardized training opportunities, and the acquisition of internationally recognized qualifications at home, without traveling to abroad. I would also like to thank the institute for their generosity to offer completely free Project Management Training opportunity to all, and their helping for our case in reducing down to half in those training said Dr. Mohamed Y. Dualeh, the Managing Director of OGOW Partners.