OGOW Partners

Monitoring & Evaluation Services

Welcome to the Department of Projects, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Consultancy.

We are a group of committed professionals with experience in strategic consulting and project management. Within the company, our responsibilities include managing and coordinating projects, soliciting, designing, and implementing custom courses, and overseeing proposed short courses.
 We also supply and organize consulting services. The goal of this is to help companies and organizations reach their goals by strengthening their capabilities and offering specialized solutions and knowledgeable advice.
With seven years of experience carrying out different consultations, we have the know-how and abilities to help you take advantage of possibilities and overcome obstacles.


Our Goals

•  Strengthen the institution’s ability to draw in and oversee consulting assignments, enhance the provision of consulting and post-consultancy services,

 •  Bolster executive programs and enhance short courses,

 •  Establish strategic alliances to further OGOW Partner’s mission