OGOW Partners

Executive Education Opportunities: OGOW Partners & Co. inks a Partnership Agreement with the Bangkok School of Management.

BSM at a glance.

As the first and only Nationally Recognized and Internationally Accredited Training provider in Thailand, the Bangkok School of Management (BSM) has been chosen by different government organizations, NGOs, State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), and multinational corporations to facilitate professional training and certification programmes since 1998.

Both scheduled on-site or in-house and customized training programmes can be delivered by their team of industry experts to suit your specialized requirements and to optimally achieve your training expectations.

With a proven track record of customer satisfaction, their client base has expanded to a wide range of different countries and continents. To fulfill the ever-increasing demand for high-quality training, they have expanded their training locations to include, Somalia/Somaliland, Malaysia, Indonesia, France, and the UK, so that their clients would gain rich industry-specific knowledge and experience from a myriad of socio-cultural, economic, and political environments.

A glimpse of OGOW Partners & Co.

OGOW Partners & Co. is a strategic, business management and education consulting firm which has the legal status to operate most in East Africa countries, as the name suggests, OGOW is a Somali word translating into “know-how, or to know how [something works]” and the term is capitalized because of the importance of knowledge or learning on how either to do something perfectly or how things have been done!

Throughout our existence, we worked with highly reputable education provider organizations, including the University of Washington, Department of Global Health E-learning, based in Seattle Washington, & Northeastern State University seated in Oklahoma, both USA premier universities and other clients both nationally and internationally and has been invited on high profile projects across different geographical locations.

As a Professional Development Services provider, we help guide and mentor individuals who are looking for professional development to boost their career, individuals who are considering a career change, new graduates looking for a new job. We also work with organizations to put customized programs for their employees’ professional and leadership development.

Memorandum of Agreement was reached on running Live Virtual Training Programs

With respect for the need to get affordable, and internationally accredited training programs that enhance not only both the productivity and employability of its recipients but also helping them to excel in any given subject in a short period in learning from and with a trusted, world-class, and most experienced facilitators who are leading experts in their fields of study.

These pieces of training will run live/online using teleconference software, that to be scheduled or planned which consists of live virtual lecture presentations, case studies or group discussions, and team exercises.

BSM offers more than 20 training programs that are designed to equip its participants to grow professionally and will build the critical capabilities required of today’s working professionals and through a stimulating case study and bring to life the opportunities and challenges faced by learners. These training programs include but not limited to the following topics, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Project Management, Data Management, and Research, Marketing Development, Education, Finance, and Insurance industry programs.

Dr. Mohamed Y. Dualeh, the Managing Director of OGOW Partners commented on the virtual signing event by saying that: We feel honored that BSM will provide an excellent, industry-specific, and advanced live virtual programs run by world-class experts that worth less than one-third of its original cost due to consideration of financial hardship and resource-limited communities that we serve without compromising its quality, that will also enable us to translate our shared vision into an action by helping our clients grow better, creating lasting impacts and deliver training opportunities that are unique and to the best it\’s kind”