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Home Certification Guidance and Training

Internationally recognized professional Certifications and Training

Over the course of our services we’ve acquired competency and wealthy experience on how to run globally recognized certifications and trainings from several highly reputable organizations so we deeply understand the importance of training and value / significance each and every one of those certifications can have on a professional level.
We are aware as well that, for many certifications, the application process can be cumbersome, while for others, finding reliable resources and courses, can be a concern.  Worry not, we can help:
• Provide training for individuals and organizations in Project Management.
• Establish an online and in-house project management training certification program for organizations.
• Guide candidates through various certifications.
• Assist candidates in completing their applications for various certifications.
• Guide candidates in case their applications were audited.
• Provide a study plan along with reliable list of resources.
• Mentor candidates wanting to get a global certification one on one throughout the course of their preparation as needed.