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Career mentoring and coaching provides candidates with more understandability and certainty about what they want and set them in the right direction on how to achieve their goals.


We are living in a rapidly evolving world and a very competitive job market so professional development is becoming more of a necessity than an option for both individuals and organizations.


Throughout my 8 plus years of professional working experience in the management and business development fields, we worked with highly reputable organizations and clients both nationally (within Somalia) and internationally …..


Over the course of our services, we’ve acquired competency and wealth experience on how to run globally recognized certifications and training from several highly reputable organizations so we deeply understand the importance of training and value/significance each and every one of those certifications can have on a professional level.

Leadership & Management Development

The cornerstone of effective business execution is to get things done through others. This is the fundamental role of good leadership. Leaders define the company culture by setting goals and priorities, by being actively involved, and by putting the right people in the right jobs that are also energized and optimistic.

Healthcare Services

Health care is one of the leading high-growth occupations that span from basic patient care to hospital administration and the management of related health maintenance benefits organizations. Thus, the requisite leadership skills required of effective managers in any corporate setting are also required of health care and hospital administrators.


OGOW Consulting is a leading education & business process improvement and management consulting firm, helping organizations to be significantly more efficient, effective, and financially profitable. We provide best practices business optimization solutions to implement address process, technology & organizational improvements.

OGOW Consulting facilitates, enhanced competitiveness through multi-faceted interventions leading to Business Improvement through consulting, people, process and operational assessments, benchmarking, and resource provisioning through Quality Outsourcing.

We carefully select our consultants in order to offer our customers the foremost quality of expertise together with extensive experience in industry practices. Our consultants have a substantial track record of executing major consulting assignments involving organization-wide deployment, multi-geography, and on the advisory mode for continuous process improvement


We understand that business success starts with people. And we’ve consulted hundreds of businesses, applying the required standards to each, so we can genuinely benchmark the business performance.

Unique Consulting approach

TACTFUL which takes care of setting a result oriented culture at our client’s organization and provides desired output to the client.

We provide tailor made solutions

We don’t stick with one method or way but understand the client’s
requirement and design complete solution accordingly.

Our Consultants having in-depth

Technical as well as Management skills and provide customer centric solution through out the consulting engagement.

Our Vision and Methodology

is simple but effective that delivers solution as committed and with quality. It builds long term relationship with our client.