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Executive Education Program is tailored live virtual training, expert-led classes offered by the Bangkok School of Management which provide candidates with more understandability and certainty about what they want to learn and set them in the right direction on how to achieve their goals. It can also help guide them through potential career growth opportunities. It is very beneficial for:
• New graduates looking for a job or having an upcoming interview.
• Professionals who are looking to change their careers.
• Individuals who are not happy with where they are in their careers.
• Individuals who want to move into management (Portfolios, Programs, Projects).

We can help you:
• Establish a clear career path in line with your goals and vision.
• Develop an effective and professional resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.
• Prepare for your interview to increase your chances and boost your confidence.
• Improve upon your soft skills.
• Negotiate the best job offer possible.
• Network with professionals through various events.
• Connect with recruiters and like-minded professionals.

We work with candidates one-on-one to properly understand their goals and aspirations then put together a customized and unique plan that will help guide them to achieve the desired outcome they aim for.